Class: GrabbaPreferences


Access this class via grabba.preferences


new GrabbaPreferences()

Grabba general preference identifiers.
Please refer to the preference name suffix for the preference type.



Set the auto power off time in seconds.
The Grabba will disconnect and powerdown after this period of inactivity. Minimum setting is 10 seconds.


iOS specific.
Preference to enable connections with the Grabba Debug Bridge.


Android specific.
Set the Grabba extended battery mode.
This can be set to the following:
GrabbaExtendedBattery.MODE_AUTO = 0: Automatic mode. This mode allows the Grabba to decide when to supply charge to the Android device and presents a pop up when wanting to supply charge.
GrabbaExtendedBattery.MODE_FORCE_ON = 1: Forces the Grabba to supply charge to the Android device.
GrabbaExtendedBattery.MODE_FORCE_OFF = 2: Forces the Grabba to stop supplying charge to the Android device.
Please note that the transition between non-charge to charge mode (or back)on Android results in a re-connect, meaning that the Grabba will be unavailable for several seconds. Therefore the mode switch should only be done when the grabba isn't currently active.


  • No longer required - a pop up dialog is now displayed when the Android device is low on power which asks if the user would like to switch to supplemental charge mode. Android specific.
    Set the battery check interval in seconds.
    After this many seconds of inactivity, the Grabba driver will compare the battery level of the Android device with the level of the Grabba device. If the Grabba device has more power remaining the driver will switch the Grabba into charge mode. The transition from non-charge to charge mode (or back) means the grabba will be offline for approximately 4-7 seconds (on select HTC devices the mode change will not affect connectivity). Therefore the mode switch should only be done when the grabba isn't currently active. Set to zero to stop automatic charging by the Grabba device.


Android specific. Enable or disable the Grabba extended battery supplemental charge pop up when the Android is low on power.
This dialog asks if you wish to enable Grabba supplemental charging.


Android specific.
Preference to set the Android battery threshold at which a pop up window will appear to ask if the user would like to enable Grabba supplemental charging.
This pop up window will not appear if the Grabba is already providing supplemental charge.
Valid range is between 0 and 100 inclusive. Invalid input will result in using the default value.